Pterocarpus Santalinus, with the common names "Red Sanders" and "Red Sandalwood", is a species of the southern eastern Ghats mountain range of South India. 

This tree is valued for the rich red color of its wood, which is a light-demanding small tree, growing to 8 meters tall with a trunk from 50 - 150 centimetre diameter. It is a fast growing tree when young, reaching up to 5 meters tall over the span of 3 years. The tree, however, is fragile, and as a result, not frost tolerant - unable to withstand temperatures of (and under) temperatures of -1°C.

Due to its slow growth after three years, furniture made of this wood is difficult to find and can be expensive, it has been one of the most prized woods for millennial because of its rarity.


This limited edition is present now for our wooden sunglasses lovers, it's crafted from a whole piece wood, and each pair has its own exclusive texture and edition number. Once they are out of stock, they're out of stock indefinitely. It's a special and unique design!


It comes with a pouch, lens clean cloth, mini screwdriver, one gift box and one daily folding carry box.


Frame Width: 147.8mm
Frame Height: 50.1mm
Bridge Width: 17.00mm 
Arm Length: 142.90mm


Due to the intricate design of each pair, some pairs may not have exact measurements as the one provided above.

Solid Sandalwood Square Limited Edition Unisex

Lens Color
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